Travis Brown

Application Design
and Development


I have lived in and around the Calgary, Alberta area for the entirety of my 32 years. I have always had a keen interest in technology, and found myself engaged in computers and video games at an early age. Since then, we have been inseperable.

I grew up outside of Calgary in the town of Langdon, and then city of Airdrie. I went to college in Calgary from 2003 - 2006, and graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science. Very quickly out of school, I joined a small start-up, Urban Lighthouse.

I have been working on the web since the late 1990's. I've run websites of my own, and have worked on countless sites and applications, from design to implementation to prodution and beyond. I've seen the web change a lot over the years, and I am cautiously optimistic about the future potential of the internet, and the ways in which it will transform our ways of life.

Travis Brown


Bachelor of Science

Computer Information Systems

Completed from October 2003 - November 2006


  • 2006 - 2016

    Urban Lighthouse Website LinkedIn

    Senior Solutions Developer

    • Managing hosting across multiple platforms including Microsoft Azure
    • Development of custom software solutions using web technologies such as MVC, ASP.NET and IIS
    • Database design and administration
    • Customizing CMS implementations on platforms such as Sitefinity and Wordpress
    • User experience planning and wireframing for a variety of enterprise level applications
    • Website and application branding and design
    • System administration and IT support


  • Development
  • UX/UI
    • Tools
      • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
      • Sketch
      • Axure
      • InVision
      • Marvel
      • Pen and paper
    • Process
      • Planning and requirements gathering
      • Wireframing and feature design
      • Application design
      • Design implementation